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Jackson AW-C Electrode Holder 300 Amp 14680

$35.40 USD

The Jackson Safety AW-C Welding Electrode Holder is part of the trusted line of Jackson Safety welding products. Made of copper alloy, it has a cable connection capacity of 4 through 2/0 and an electrode capacity of 1/4 inch. Each medium-duty electrode holder weighs 19 ounces. Like all of the holders in the Jackson Safety line, it features integrated slots for convenient angled holding, fully insulated pivots and springs for maximum dielectric integrity, large dome screw cable connector for a near unbreakable connection, copper wrap to ensure maximum connectivity, integral groves for efficient heat dissipation, and an extended handle with integrated ribs. The Duty Cycle Rating is rated for medium duty. The Duty Cycle Rating is the maximum percentage of arc time (out of any 10-minute period) that a holder should be expected to perform comfortably. Trust Jackson Safety to provide welding tools to live up to your standards.

  • Medium Duty, 1/4 Inch Electrode Capacity, Cable Connection Capacity of 4 through 2/0
  • Includes integrated slots, fully insulated pivots and springs, large dome screw cable connector
  • Features copper wrap and integrated grooves
  • Extended handle with integrated ribbing to act as a cable support system, reducing wear