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GM1510-WT Comfortable & High-Dexterity MIG Glove

$20.69 USD

The GM1510-WT is an ultra-soft goatskin MIG welding glove with extreme dexterity. The soft goatskin palm is designed to reduce fatigue and provide better gun control while the lined cowhide back offers heat protection and durability. The glove also features Revco’s signature DragPatch® side reinforcement for extra abrasion resistance and heat insulation while the hand is resting on or sliding across a welding surface. A seamless index finger allows for smooth and unobstructed touch.

  • Premium soft goatskin dexterity and comfort
  • Fully lined for additional heat protection
  • Excellent hand control for MIG welding
  • Padded DragPatch® side reinforcement
  • Seamless index finger
  • Fully lined
  • Kevlar® stitched