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40 cf Cylinder for Argon Nitrogen Argon/CO2 Helium

$154.00 USD

  • 10 year hydrotest w/ cap
  • Comes with a CGA-580 valve for Argon Nitrogen Argon/CO2 service
  • UN/ISO stamped "USA" for use in the United States
  • Cylinder is shipped empty with no product or shoulder labels
  • Color of cylinders may vary
  • Cylinder Size 7" O.D. x 18" Length 
  • Weight Empty  30lbs
  • This cylinder is typically used for nitrogen, helium, argon, and argon / carbon dioxide mixes.

Please check with your local welding supply to be sure they will fill DOT approved UN/ISO cylinders. The DOT has approved these cylinders for use in the USA but it is up to the individual supplier as to whether they will refill or exchange them.