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3001 Shurlite Single Flint Spark Lighter Striker w/ 5-pack Single Flints

$7.09 USD

The SHURLITE #3001 is an economically priced spark lighter. Designed for the welding industry, the #3001 is capable of lighting any flammable gas. The #3001 lighter features a very long lifespan and provides the lowest cost per ignition of any lighter anywhere. This lighter showcases the SHURLITE commitment to quality, and is guaranteed to spark vigorously and reliably. This is the ideal lighter for professional welders.

The #3001's flint tip may be easily replaced with one of our Universal Single Flint Renewals. The #3001 features a round file made with our secret SHURLITE process, a large square hood for trapping flammable gases for easy ignition, and a wire frame made from a specialty steel which retains it's springiness over the life of the lighter.

Unlike competitive products, the hood or cup will not fall off when dropped, and the round file may be easily rotated for a fresh striking surface.

These replacement flints are guaranteed to fit perfectly on any SHURLITE single flint lighter and should fit on competitive products as well.

The flint itself is guaranteed to remain seated in the aluminum flint holder and is larger than competitive products for longer life.

Every single #3011 lighter is made in America by proud American workers, and every lighter is tested by a human being prior to shipment for guaranteed quality.